Having no idea what to put as your twitter bio…


Not all of us are creatively blessed with the talent for crafting an impeccable twitter bio. One that expresses our personality perfectly, inspires everyone who reads it, humbly brags about where we go to college or what we do with our lives, or uses a rappers lyrics to show the world just how much we don’t care and are just here to YOLO or whatever.

I will be honest. I have dedicated my fair share of time to attempting to create the perfect bio. I tried the funny angle, the honest angle, the strictly business angle, the awkward angle, the ‘I am so trendy I don’t even have a twitter bio’ angle, the song lyric angle, the catchphrase angle…and the list goes on. You name it, I have probably tried it at some point even if it was only for two seconds before my common sense told me that ‘Imma be me’ does nothing to improve the impressiveness of my account or that ‘Minnesnowta’ is a horribly tacky pun that says nothing except that I am from Minnesota and that I am aware that it snows here. Pretty deep stuff.

I guess the ancient art of the twitter bio is far from being perfected by anyone. But that’s okay. Its fun sometimes to scroll through your followers, click on a profile, side swipe past a double-filtered selfie, and think to yourself…

This is awkward.



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