Being in a public place waiting for your friend who is running late…


You have been there before. Standing outside the restaurant, waiting outside the party, sitting on their couch with their roommate who doesn’t know how to hold a conversation. No matter where you are, you are more or less by yourself with an unpredictable amount of time to stand there and look busy and like you were totally planning to be being in that exact spot for 15 minutes.

All the while, that hot guy has passed you on his way in and out of the coffee shop and you are sure he thinks that you are stalking him just because you haven’t moved an inch. You are even more positive that everyone else is watching you and that they think you have no friends or that you are getting stood up for a date or that you ARE stalking that hot guy.

So what do you do about it? You appear to look casual or happy or some other way that makes you seem as if this is an everyday occurrence. You just like hanging out on this corner, you OWN that corner, and then you realize that may not be what you want either…

Then you pull out your phone and drown yourself in it because you can’t handle the outside world and its potentially prying eyes and judgmental thoughts. You open instagram, then twitter, then you scroll through your photos, you check Facebook, you refresh instagram again knowing it will be fruitless, you pretend to text message, you even write a draft to the friend who is running late and putting you in this position and then go back and forth trying to decide if you should send it before ultimately deleting it because you defiantly tell yourself that you are a confident, independent person who doesn’t need to sink to that desperate level.

At this point you try to act confident again. You put your phone in your pocket and face the world around you. That is, before you eventually cycle back to insecurity and repeat the process again.

Until finally, like rain after a drought, you see your friend approaching!

They smile and give you a big hug while proclaiming, “You got here early!”

And all you can think is…

This is awkward.


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